What is this?

I made a quick night light using some things I found at home. It turned out rather beautiful. Here’s a quick video:


  • Auto On/Off at night: I wanted to keep the components to the minimum, so didnt even bother with a RTC. Just turns on for 12 hours and stays off for the next 12 hours!

  • White plastic enclosure disperses the light from NeoPixels perfectly.

  • Slowly fading colors: Well if you’re using NeoPixels, might as well make some animations.

  • Very little soldering required.


  • IKEA SOLVIDEN: Picked up these 12 casings for $1.99 at IKEA.

  • Digispark: A little over a dollar for a very convenient ATTiny85 board with integrates USB connector.

  • Adafruit Neopixels: You can either get the original Adafruit ones or something cheaper from AliExpress. Obviously I used the cheaper ones.

  • Phone Charger: You can use practically any phone charger you might find at home. I got some dirt cheap ones. All I wanted was something small with a USB port on it.


night light 1

night light 2

night light 3

Arduino Sketch

Future improvements

  • If I used an ESP8266 instead of the digispark, I could make it a lot more intelligent. First thing I’d do as turn it On/Off with sunset and sunrise using the NTPClient library. Only thing is, I haven’t seen any ESP8266 board in this form factor yet. And using something like the NodeMCU would be too messy.

  • Could add a PIR motion sensor easily.